Changing the Layout

Last edited on 3/1/2018, 2:35:48 AM

The entry template can be modified to use any layout you wish. The default uses purecss for the layout structure, but you could easily use bootstrap or any other library. The main body content is very simple by design.

  <div id="layout">
    <a href="#menu" id="menuLink" class="menu-link">
      <!-- Hamburger icon -->

    <!-- Menu gets loaded dynamically -->
    <nav id="menu"></nav>

    <div id="header" class="header"></div>

    <article id="entry">
      <div class="title">
        <p>Last edited on <span class="last-edited">{{modified}}</span></p>

      <!-- The converted markdown content. -->
      <div class="content">{{&body}}</div>


Once you have edited the template it must be compiled by running grunt:

$ grunt

Now when you edit and save entries the new template with your layout will be used.