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The default layout (what you currently see) can be modified quite simply. The HTML is located at This can be modified to use any CSS or JS library you wish. DodgerCMS used handlebarsjs to render templates for the front end. Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration. A portion of the entry template can be seen below.

    <div id="layout">
      <a href="#menu" id="menuLink" class="menu-link">
        <!-- Hamburger icon -->

      <!-- Menu gets loaded dynamically -->
      <nav id="menu"></nav>

      <div id="header" class="header"></div>

      <article id="entry">
        <div class="title">
          <p>Last edited on <span class="last-edited">{{modified}}</span></p>

        <!-- The converted markdown content. -->
        <div class="content">{{&body}}</div>




The template is passed a few variables you can use when displaying content.

  • key
    The S3 key of the current document, which can be used as a relative link.

  • bucket
    The name of the site bucket where the rendered HTML is stored.

  • endpoint
    The url of the site bucket which depends on what region the bucket resides.

  • dataKey
    This is the path location in S3 of the JSON data file that contains the tree structure of all entries. By default it is set to .dodgercms/data.json.

  • title
    The title given to the entry in the editor.

  • body
    The rendered HTML content.

  • modified
    The date string in ISO 8601 format representing the last modified time on the entry. For example, 17/05/2015 22:39:30.